Understandable Business Performance Optimisation

Keeping the Small, Medium and Corporate Sectors Competitive

Structure your planning

Control your business

Drive terrific results

5 ways to see your business as you’ve never seen it before

Agile Dashboards

Start where you want

Opportunities and Challenges

Engage your team ​

Structured Pathways

Stimulate your thinking

Performance Perspectives

Discover the facts

Integrated Tasks

Manage change easily

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Afinitis 20:20 works with all the leading systems

We are currently integrated with a number of popular platforms

100% Accurate

Data collated from one source provides 1 version of the truth for data driven decisions


Utilise your expertise to tailor your experience for your team and ecosystem


Multi-user for full transparency between team, clients and suppliers


Packed with prompts and guidance to make sure no stone is left unturned


Mapped to multiple popular platforms that connect with a few simple clicks


Easy to set up and easy to use - even for the non tech savvy - with built-in help and support

It's tough out there...

Without Afinitis

Trying to plan a way forward for your business can be difficult at the best of times – never mind with external factors out of your control, such as lockdowns, wreaking havoc.

With no clear direction and analysis sourced from multiple locations, there’s no telling which version of the truth to follow and no guidance as to what moves you could take next. Staff are disconnected and it’s nigh on impossible to keep control and get the whole team pulling in the same direction.


With Afinitis

No matter what’s going on internally or externally – you have structure, a collaboration tool and 100% accurate analysis to make data driven decisions. 

Pathways provide structure, asking questions and giving you a nudge to keep progressing. Insights presented in tailored dashboards show vital signs that give different views at the click of a button, while task management  keeps track of all actions and to-dos. This means there’s no more guess work, no waiting for reports and no stone is left unturned.


Having unique insights that give your business every chance to prosper
Having a choice of multiple agile Dashboards of sales trends and patterns
Having a guided approach to help you manage cash in the turbulent new world
Having a structured approach to tackling challenges and get the best from your team
… for a monthly cost of less than the coffee for the management team …
  • Updated every day
  • Fully functional within 24 hours
  • No tie in contract

What makes Afinitis 20:20 Analysis so different?

The Power of Afinitis comes when you have the right information to hand just when you need it the most

Here's how Afinitis 20:20 helps

Business Leaders

Sales Managers

Channel Partners

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